Most people online have failed to understand this woman because of her different kinds of behaviors and characters she put out in the public.

One day she is super drunk and almost naked on a facebook video and the other day she comes back bashing people.

After you read the things you have to know about her , you can start to understand her a bit.

1. She was born in 1979 and grew up in Bulawayo before going to USA at 21.

2. She has a teenage son who is Russian

3. She is the one who discovered her dad’s corpes in his bedroom at only 16

4. She has a sister named Emma and his late brother Reginald was the C.E.O of BlackMoneyBrands

5. In their family , there is a record of mental illness and he has a brother who she says they do not know where he went due to the disease

there have been reports that Chiedza was at a mental health institution for months early this year.

6. She got famous in Zimbabwe for being a red carpet correspondend for Makamba online and Starfm.

7. She has been an actress for a number of Nollywood films.

8. She won the Miss Orange County 2016 a pageant for creative business women in USA beating a number of rich , white and billionaire women

9. She is an ebony model and represents the melaninated women in the African American society

10. She writes for a number of publications in America , an author and a blogger.