1:Eubert Angel was born Eubert Mudzanire and he is from Masvingo Zimbabwe.

2. He is a Spiritual Son to one of the first African Televangelists, the Highly esteemed Pastor Chris.

3. One of his Birthdays, he got hundreds of birthday Messages specifically from World renowned stars including Hollywood stars and musicians

4. His son, Uebert Angel Jnr is also a Prophet and his known as Seer 1. He usually travels the worldwith him and also preaches in his Church.

5.He is 41 years of age

6.Angel has stayed in Britain most of his years, most of his businesses are in the UK.

7.In 2014 he was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the top 20 richest pastors in the world

8.He is the Spiritual Father to one of the most famous African Men of God, Prophet Bushiri

9. Angel perfomed miracle money miracles which got him to be questioned by the government of Zimbabwe

10. Angel is the husband to Bebe Angel who is the owner of Angels fashions.

11.He was the first prophet in Zimbabwe to give prophecies such as telling people ID numbers, home addresses, phone numbers among others

12. He was the first prophet to fill a 500+ seater church service in his first week of arrival in Zimbabwe.