1)He allegedly went bankrupt in 2012 and borrowed money from Mutumwa Mawere

2)He threw a three day lavish house warming party in Domboshava in 2013

3)He is said to have bought Winky D’s Gombwe Album for $4000USD

4)He started working at 17 at a gas station and now he owns Pioneer Gases

5)He was engaged to longtime business partner Zodwa Mkandla

6)He paid child support for 11 years for a child that was not his until he took a partenity test in 2014

7)He hired an American Stripper for the official opening of his club Sankayi in Harare

8)He was arrested more than once for tax invasion and fraud

9)He has a history of dating married women

10)He founded TOMMOROW’S GENIUS FOUNDATION to empower youths in 2014

11)He appeared on a Rich Kids In SA reality tv show in an episode called,’The Martians and Ginimbi’ on Vuzutv.

12)He is related to The Her Excellency Second Lady of Zimbabwe Mrs Mary Chiwenga.