Zizoe PaMyks’s feud with Mai Tt is still a shock to many people after just a few weeks ago these two were love birds living their best life in United Kingdom.

It is now alleged that Mai Tt was reported to the U.K police after harassing them on a live video bashing Zizoe’s sister Mimmy Zee Mai Kimberly.

A close report told Zimbolivenews that Zizoe himself refused to go and report because he did not want to be involved with the UK authourities.

The sister Mai Kimberly is said to be the one who went to report the matter and stated Zizoe as a victim of her harassement.

However social media users are saying this could have been a bad move involving police after a facebook post which was posted weeks ago by Evidence team Chihera that tete’s husband did not have proper papers to stay in U.K.