Bindura family of Tawanda Chikandire who buried the wrong body of Robert Machemedze has appealed for compensation for all the money they used for the funeral and burial services.

Simba Chikandire the brother to the late Tawanda Chikandire revealed that they had been given the wrong body with His brothers tag and all the paper work was in Tawanda’s name.

He said that the family did not do identification on the body but were just given the body and later discovered they buried the wrong person after the family of Robert Machemedze had come.

Simba revealed that the process of correcting this mistake took so much time and money that it has left them in debt.

He said they had to buy two coffins and two graves which cost over RTGS$1 000 combined and also that had to pay a fine in their village for the mistake.

Simba Chikandire revealed that they regret rushing to collect the body on a closed day which might have led to the terrible mix up of dead bodies.