Jah Prayzah has officially released his tenth studio Album titled Hokoyo after its initial launch was cancelled due to Covid 19 lockdown and gained much viewership and welcoming from it.

Before releasing on YouTube, Jah Prayzah would have uploaded his Album on to Amazon Music and depending on the number of listeners of the music with a paid subscription he can earn some revenue from streams online.

Jah Prayzah could also have income from uploading his album on Apple Music which also depends on number of people with paid subscribers to Apple Music who stream and download his music.

After Jah Prayzah uploaded to Amazon Music and Apple Music, he uploaded his music to YouTube as MP3 with Album cover or music videos in which online sources say a million views can earn a musician up to US$4 000.

Lastly from the music videos themselves, Jah Prayzah has endorsement deals from Nyaradzo group and Jan Jam fashions to advertise their brand through the music video.