Joseph Chambeni is Zimbabwe’s longest convicted criminal,he got  into Chikurubi prison in 1959, about 60 years ago. He was detained post Zimbabwe independence. he was on death sentence when he was apprehended. due to several appeals he was then put on life sentence.

He offence is more than punishable, many would easily see a devil in him. He murdered more that 33 women on different occasions. He says before killing he would first rape and steal all valuable possession.

He is rated Zimbabwe’s man with the most crimes. He was also involved in livestock theft. At one time he raped a woman whilst dead, he says had so much passion for his job. The problem now is that he is having flash backs of all the people that he killed.

He says he has learnt his lesson that Chikurubi is no home for anyone, he last saw his relatives in 1960.