Zimbabwean Socialite Olinda Chapel has revealed screen shots of Stunner calling her all the time after Stunner lied about not talking to her.

In a Facebook live video Stunner denied being friends with Olinda and that he does not go backwards like the wheels of a bike.

This angered Olinda who came out saying that she thought they were friends because Stunner used to call her recently and talk to her all the time even though Stunner is now denying her.

Thier Squabble began when Olinda Chapel publicity wished Stunner a Happy birthday on her Facebook page and fans questioned Stunner if the two were friends or if they were getting back together.

Stunner responded saying that he is not friends with Olinda and that he caked her telling her not to post him on her social media pages.

However Olinda Chapel revealed screenshots of Stunner calling Her several times and she told Stunner publicly on her page that Stunner should not call her anymore.