The Chitungwiza Municipality has this afternoon backed down and allowed Ms Samantha Muzoroki to operate her popular Children Scheme. The municipality has offered Ms Muzoroki one of their premises to run her feeding scheme and have offered free Coronavirus testing for her employees.There was outrage when the Chitungwiza Municipality closed the feeding scheme yesterday without offering an alternative for the hundreds of hungry kids who were getting a bowl of porridge each every morning from Ms Muzoroki.Ms Samantha Muzoroki opened the scheme and it became so popular that children were quieting up for over a kilometre to get a bowl of porridge every morning.However, the Municipality afternoon served Ms Muzoroki with a notice to close the scheme.Chitungwiza Municipality said the scheme was a health hazard as Ms Ms Muzoroki had not registered it as a non profit organization and there was a risk of workers contaminating the food with Coronavirus as the people working there did not have health certificates.However, many residents felt that the council should have provided an alternative instead of closing the scheme without giving the children any other way of getting food.