Kundai Chitima, a Zimbabwean Youtuber has been spotted featuring in several videos of Prophet Passion Java (Twabam).

Recently, he has been in Twabam’s video shot during this period of lockdown in South Africa were Passion was uttering his catchy phrases ‘Gore regonzo, bvuma kupusa or pusisa wako’.

In the video, Kundai was echoing Passion Java as he was repeating what the prophet said.

Comments from the public said Kundai was impressing Passion Java because he have money and others said he is bo_ot leaking the prophet as he tried to put himself much closer to Passion Java.

The video has gone viral and drawn a lot of people’s attention as Kundai, the well known youtuber is used by Passion Java as his puppet hence saying “abvuma kupusiswa.”