We have seen attention seekers on social media and some people have been labelled with the same name but none of them can pass Mudiwa Hood’s wife Angellica.

Angellica announced this morning that she was tired of her husband Mudiwa’s infidelities and was ready to leave him to start her new travelling and hiking page.

After the news was all over social media , she deleted her instagram stories and started saying it was a prank for Aprils fools although today its 4 days.

As a result of her viral divorce online , many people requested to follow her and out of all thousands of Zimbabweans she chose to screenshot were Stunner’s wife Dyonne Tanaka’s request was.

She wrote a caption talking down on Diyonne for being gossip thirsty and this did not go well with Dziva’s fans who are calling Angellica an attention seeker.