Junior Lizzy Zinhu who uses the stage name Bevy Sibanda , has been associated with a number of men in her career.


Some of the the affairs , she exposed them by herself after break-ups and some are still alleged.

Here is the list of the men she dated.


Bevy became a member of this church in early 2014 and changed her lifestyle whilst under the clergy man’s financial care.In one of radio interviews , she said she was once in love with a Prophet.Though she never said who was exactly the prophet , fans thought it was Magaya.2.KHAMA BILLIAT

Her affair with the Warriors player was one that shocked the nation.Bevy put Khama’s picture on her whatsapp profile with a status that confirmed their love affair.3.ANDY MURIDZO

In January 2017 , Bevy told a tabloid that she was 2 months pregnant with the singer’s child.Mai Keketso who was his wife at the time , confirmed the affair but said its a problem she had dealt with a longtime ago.4.GEORGE CHIGOVA

he was reportedly seen offering Bevy transport to her house after her club performances on several occassions.He however denied saying it could have been his friend using his car.5.BOSS BVOLA

The Kwekwe native , who is a millionaire in SA was reportedly planning to pay lobola for Bevy in November last year.