Roland Muchengwa popularity known as Uncle Roland. a South African Based Zim celeb. He is well known for flooding the social media with his pics together with beautiful women. His ability to spend money on women has earned him the term Blazer.

The 51 year old acquired his fortune through buying and selling of fuel. His nitche extended through the whole of SADC. Uncle Roland is also a miner and owns he biggest night club in Cape town South Africa.

The famous socialite was once arrested for Mbanje possession and sentenced for two years in prison. After serving his term he later moved on to selling second hand clothes and was able to fund his Petroleum business. He grew in this industry under the mentor-ship of Victor Mereki well known as Vikella. He owns several service station in Zimbabwe.

Uncle Roland has expanded his business and is now operating internationally. Some say that he is the brains behind Hwindi taxis. He also owns Malmoza Logistics, a trucking company in South Africa. The company has over 110 trucks and has a very big clientele base covering Malawi,Zambia and Zimbabwe.