Biggie Tembo.

Biggie Tembo who used to sing with the Bindura boys and had an amazing career in music that he shared the stage with the great Madonna once at the Wembley Stadium when he and his family resided in the UK.

At a time when his career was slowly crumbling he passed away and left his family in debt as their house was taken and her wife had to move into her mother’s house in Mbare and moved her children to their rural home in Zvimba as she could no longer afford fees and she herself became a vendor.

Peter Tangwena.

At the top of his career he was the best Rumba Musician in Zimbabwe with his popular music playing on national TV, Ezomgido.

The Honde Valley born musician who was always a vendor started music in the early 2000s however he reappeared in 2019 when Levelz of ChillSpot records posted a picture with Peter who is now selling CDs in Harare.

Shingirayi Kawondera.

Shingi Kawondera is a Zimbabwean football legend who once played in Poland, Turkey, Cyprus before playing for South African SuperSport United however he has not been seen in the lime light for a while suggesting that he could not manage his finances.

Mitchel Jambo.

The man who is famously known for producing one of Zimbabwe’s longest songs which was 25 minutes long and had three different songs in it.

He once worked with Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings, Cephas Mashakada and more however he is now selling music CDs for Zimbabwean musicians in Limpopo South Africa.

Hubert Gidza Mshangadzike.

Born 11 August 1977 in Harare, he played for the now defunct Fire Batteries Football club, before he moved to South Africa to play for Orlando Pirates and Black Aces.

The man who used to drive flashy cars is said to be living in Mbare now and the story of his demise is unknown however many people say he was overspending and had poor financial management.

Evans Gwekwerere.

The Dynamos footballer who became so popular to the extent of having Alick Macheso sing about him in his live shows because of his football skills, saw his career drop when pictures of him having the time of his life with a r_aunchy from Bulawayo.

In his prime Gwekwerere used to go around in a BMW 3 series however at least when all that was over he was left with a truck he uses to deliver bread and also runs a bar at a growth point.

Jamal Mataure.

Jamal is best known for the song Kurwizi which featured Betty Makaya passed on in his family home in Mutare after other musicians like Hosiah Chipanga had been donating goods for his well being.

In is good times he made money as a musician and producer but could not sustain his fast life he so desired.