Mathius and Mildred Ministries was a very popular church in mid 2000s and was known for its miracle crusades that attracted crowds all over Zimbabwe.

The couple , pastors Mathius and Mildred Madzivanzira stopped their crusades in early 2009 and this raised a lot of public suspicions and allegations.

It was alleged in 2008 that their maid was shot dead after she witnessed a snake vomiting money at the couple’s home.

Many people believed the story saying it was their source of money , which was used to bankroll their ministry.

The couple made a comeback in 2015 to address that the rumours were nothing but lies from being said they had down syndrome children and linking them to satanism.

The couple believe the rumours were made by jealousy rival assemblies who were losing their congregants to their church.

The ministry now has a Rock Chapel Assembly in Ruwa where they claim to heal the sick and deliverance.

In 2018 , M&M sold their service station to Sakunda and invested in gold mining under a company named MilMath Mining Company