Jethro Rusike of JCTV Zimbabwe says earlier this year, Prophet Passion Java hit the headlines after announcing that he bought himself a Private Jet worth $7 Million USD.

Passion Java, besides owning the new Jet, said he already owned a helicopter which he uses to fly between his home and church. 

With this new jet it was said he will use it to fly across America and to Jamaica and other places close.

Now that he has been to Africa for a long time without going back to US where his family is, raised eyebrows to many, if he ever owned a private jet.

After coming to Zimbabwe and South Africa, Prophet Passion java seems to be stuck in Africa and cannot go back to US.

Rusike says People wondering if everything is well back home with his wife, was he chased away, or its because of the coronavirus lockdown.

However, although if it was because of lockdown, he could have travelled back to US with his private jet.