December, being the most wonderful time of the year, according to wedding planners is always characterized by weddings on a daily basis.

Now that the festive season is in full swing, the atmosphere is cosy, intimate and romantic as the rainy weather is spicing it all up. 6th and 7th December were set for weddings across the nation by different families.

Below is list of weddings that rocked the weekend.

1: Ruvimbo Nyangara

Congratulations to Ruvimbo Nyangara for her traditional marriage on Saturday. She got married to the Chikowe family making her ‘Mrs Chikowe’

2: Nomsa Munyeza

Her white wedding was successfully held on Saturday. Being the daughter of Shingi Munyeza, advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa the wedding was literally lit at the Borrowdale Community Church. She married Takakunda Jumbo.

3: Marry Takundwa

Her father received her bride price on Saturday and her traditional wedding was colourful with African print.

4: Brenda Muchenje

She got married on the 7th December in Harare. A beauty that also chose the African print to go along with the flow of her traditional marriage.

5: Kyle Jarvis

Cricket fans are still dancing on this one. Jarvis is currently playing in the Zimbabwean cricket team. His white wedding was held on the 7th December.

6: Makanaka Gwatsvaira

Also chosing an African print in Karoi, Makanaka’s traditional wedding was a love force to reckon with in the Korekore region.